Power all of your business processes and deliver on your core business objectives

Data-driven digital transformation

Better customer experiences

Enhanced decision-making

Advanced compliance capability

Agility to adapt to innovation

A 360 degree view of all relationships

Synchronize your business with a powerful data model that drives innovation across the complete value chain – from procurement and supply-chain, through advanced sales enablement, to deeper customer insights and 360-degree customer support. The HotWax Commerce platform provides the performance, scalability, high availability and security that modern businesses need to grow.

Capitalize on
your vision

The open-core platform agnostic data architecture can be configured for a wide range of use cases, architectural styles, and integration models. So whatever your business model today, or tomorrow, your data is operationalized to match your strategic vision.

Turn your data
into business power

With unified shared data, business silos break down with speed and agility across the organization. Accelerated data flow across departments informs insights and accelerates transactions – for internal stakeholders, partners and customers.

Interdependent data environment for the win

Navigate complexity and eliminate unnecessary barriers to data exchange. With a solid, shared data infrastructure, users are empowered and complementary technologies thrive. This is why top companies across the globe prioritize master data management.

Enterprise Information Management for Modern Business