“The rise of wellcare demands a strategy that is built around the consumer.”

An ecosystem of engagement

Health, food, and beauty are particularly dependant on speed, convenience, and trust.  For consumer healthcare, fast-moving consumer goods, beauty and biopharmaceuticals, operational complexity can oftentimes overshadow customer care and rapid innovation, deteriorating demand. With the new global health economy expected to reach $674 billion, the steep earnings trend calls for an integrated ecosystem that can match with consumer demands. Disparate legacy systems that limit evolution must be addressed in order to keep pace with emerging trends, and global opportunities.

Personalization is no longer a differentiator; it is a requirement.

Health care buying decisions are both rational and emotional, so health and beauty brands must connect very personally with each and every customer. In the past, this personalization was a way for brands to differentiate in a fast-growing market. Today’s health and beauty consumers now expect to receive unique recommendations, and prompt, individualized service. They must feel a distinct, trusted connection that directly relates to their personal needs.   

Product and process-centered technology systems of the past are not designed to illuminate personal preference, across every customer touchpoint. Proprietary data that is not treated as a shared enterprise asset cannot inspire product and service innovation, or match the right product to the right person at the right time. To truly personalize your brand experience, there must be an ecosystem of customer data, seamlessly integrated across the enterprise. With Unified Commerce, your digital strategy is trans-functional, with a focus on superior products, services and customer experiences.

OmniChannel Business Transformation

For growing companies that need to remain lean while advancing dynamic business strategies, there is no better platform that accelerates recognized value. With so many operational workflows already built in, you can constantly evolve your business in a coordinated way, with unified data. The unique data model allows brands to easily prioritize a frictionless, holistic customer experience across all channels, while transforming to better accommodate shopper demands and increase profitability through differentiation.

Every brand is a unique strategy

With differentiation, the main competitive advantage in the Health & Beauty sector, integrated ecosystems are essential to providing the supply of goods and services that are uniquely matched to consumer demand. With HotWax Commerce, you own the tech that is exclusive to your brand, which means that your tech can always be matched to your dynamic strategies.

The Unified OmniChannel Commerce Suite powers unique products and strategies, such as:


  • Niche organic beauty
  • Functional foods
  • Age prevention and beauty enhancement
  • Personal care
  • Weight management and cosmetic health
  • “Green glam” and natural beauty
  • Health lifestyle and illness prevention


  • Commerce integration with fitness & health clubs
  • Beauty integrated with health and wellness
  • Viral merchandising
  • Direct sales distribution
  • Subscription commerce
  • International scaling & optimization
  • Supply chain efficiency

Global regulatory requirements: met

Along the supply chain, and through to consumer transactions, data is key. How you gather, store and share your data can negatively affect compliance. With HotWax Commerce, you get a single view of inventory, supply and order, across the supply chain. That means that you can centrally manage transactions towards the appropriate level of transparency.