Get product from everywhere.
Sell everywhere. Deliver anywhere.

Get more customers
buying more things.

Become the brand your
customers want you to be.

A common, centralized, real-time platform for all customer engagement points.

Meaningfully engage. Anticipate needs. Create value at every step.

When your business is unified by customer data, and you can achieve your roadmap without limits. Leverage the unique strengths of all channels to not only serve to enhance your brand, but increase profits.

A Unified OmniCommerce Ecosystem for 360 Customer Engagement:

Order Management

Go far beyond the basic OMS found in competing platforms, so you can stop worrying about separate, individual channels, and start focusing all of your energy on the customer – wherever they may be. You get full-functioned, easy-to-use operational tools, packaged with robust reporting and analytics to maximize profitable omnichannel programs.

Intelligently route orders across multiple systems and processes, across borders. HotWax Commerce provides an interface for order consumption from disparate order capture systems, configurable order processing workflows, and smart order routing algorithms across all fulfillment centers. That means that customers seamlessly get exactly what they want, when they want it.

B2B eCommerce

Engage business buyers with the same attention to brand experience as B2C. Manage different pricing for wholesale orders, with unlimited partners and affiliates. Route bulk orders with efficiency, customize pricing rules based on volume, and tailor payment terms to protect margins. With unified commerce, a complete, collaborative view of financial data inspires the most profitable relationships, and allows your business to scale with ease.

Multi-brand? Multi-storefront? Multi-currency? The complexity of various B2B revenue streams are “baked in” and ready when you are. With HotWax Commerce, you and your partners can sell everywhere with global confidence.

B2C eCommerce

When B2C is your focus, and your business is ready to go beyond a shopping cart solution, the right unified omnichannel commerce system can help to transform the entire customer journey and accelerate revenue growth like never before. HotWax Commerce gives you a powerful, multichannel storefront with integrated CMS, CRM, and merchandising and promotions management – so you can quickly recognize and respond to every opportunity. Catalog and content management features simplify the art of purchase influence.

Though integrations are easy, HotWax Commerce comes with everything you need to scale – including support for multiple brands, storefronts, languages, and currencies, sophisticated order management, integrated payment gateways, and native sales and transaction reporting.

Warehouse & Fulfillment

A profitable transportation and inventory logistics strategy starts here. More than just a Warehouse Management System (WMS), HotWax Commerce integrates powerful decision-supporting technology into your entire supply chain to increase sales and profitability.

With HotWax Commerce, inbound and outbound processes are all connected with EDI, e-commerce, barcode, billing, and more. The art of matching supply to demand is refined through:
+ Connected picking & receiving
+ Workflow visibility
+ Order consolidation
+ Configurable fulfillment
+ Seamless EDI
+ Intuitive UI

Endless Aisle

For a truly seamless customer experience that limits potential sales loss, modern retailers need an Endless Aisle. Unified global inventory with matching visibility and resource planning requires a powerful OMS that communicates with all of your channels. With 44% of US shoppers accessing their phones in-store, retail brands must synchronize inventory across locations and channels as well as POS, kiosks and mobile – all in real time. A true Endless Aisle system cannot be accomplished by syncing your orders once a day, or even every hour. Only a true omnichannel OMS can meet every customer’s needs. With real-time inventory management shared across all channels, never miss an opportunity to offer customers an available product, regardless of where it is located — in another store, a warehouse, or an entirely different zip code.

3PL Desk

The science of efficiently integrating warehouses and distribution systems is brought to life with powerful tools that improve agility and profitability for modern retailers. The 3PL Desk toolset within HotWax Commerce is specialized to efficiently integrate operations, warehousing and transportation services, which can be easily configured according to unique business needs. The user-friendly web and mobile tools bring together storage and movement of warehouse inventory, from receiving, putaway, picking and shipping.

Supplier Portal

Built-in B2B tools offered with HotWax Commerce enable distribution channels for enterprise organizations to manage a hierarchy inventory and order processing. The modern vendor management toolset allows retailers to manage supplier communications, transactions, and processes all-inclusive, with an application suite of B2B tools that are ready-to-use, with:
+ Supplier management
+ Catalogue
+ Content
+ Agreements
+ Accounts Management
+ Purchase Orders
+ Supplier Inventory


A powerful application to centrally manage product information and data required to sell the products through multiple distribution channels, is an essential component to modern commerce operations. With unified commerce, the highest quality data is created for internal use and multichannel distribution in real time. HotWax Commerce includes:
+ Global Product Cataloging
+ Cross Channel Price Lists
+ Unlimited Product Variants
+ Unlimited Product Data
+ Tiered Product Categorization
+ Product Review Management and Publishing
+ Integrated Real Time Inventory ATP / QOH, Reorder, etc.


With the customer at the center of your business, all relationships can be maximized across all touchpoints. HotWax Commerce provides a fully integrated system that includes tools for managing contacts, purchases, sales, marketing and built-in workflows to improve the quality of customer relationships for target markets. That means your business can have a holistic, unified view of each and every customer that aligns directly to the bottom line, for:
+ Individuals, Groups, Groups of Groups
+ Vendor and Supplier Management
+ Customer Segmentation
+ Marketing Campaigns

Web & Mobile POS

Modern retail operations are multichannel, with customers navigating in and out of store and digital experiences. The HotWax Commerce platform offers a unique benefit to global commerce businesses that can transform retail engagement. Speed up checkout processes, sell on-the-go, and engage every customer regardless of location, with a portable point of sale system that is optimized for quick transactions.

Look & Book

Look and Book is a simple way to make B2B buying easy, and sell faster – with connected data and inventory planning. Brand owners can easily organize events for distributors and retail franchise owners and display product samples of the upcoming season catalog, advancing orders and plan manufacturing runs. With a digitized catalog and order-taking process, planning is optimized to move quickly. With HotWax Commerce, you get a simple way to make buying easy, and sell faster – with connected data and inventory planning for a remote showroom, mobile ordering and web sales.


B2C eCommerce
B2B eCommerce
Web and Mobile POS
Assisted Selling with Endless Aisle
Look and Book
Order Management
Dealer Portal
Online Order Pickup Desk
Customer Relationship Management
Warehouse Management
Self-Checkout App
Click and Collect
Supplier Portal
And more

A recipe for business growth and resilience.

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