The HotWax OmniChannel Commerce Suite is a complete
retail ecosystem with the strength and flexibility to advance
every angle of commerce operations. This is the unified
commerce platform for modern commerce businesses.

  • A single source of customer data to drive
    engagement and accelerate purchases
  • Integrated eCommerce, CRM, marketing automation,
    and business intelligence
  • Complete, strategic, digitalization of sales operations
  • OmniChannel data consistency
  • Centralized relationships – from suppliers to
    customers, wholesalers to retailers
  • Adaptable reverse logistics
  • Architecture that is built around customer journeys-
    not touchpoints
  • Cross-border commerce plus complete marketplace
  • Unlimited scalability, without the cost
  • Reduced risk and complexity with a single


Operational efficiencies are matched to your revenue
potential as every relationship is recognized. The HotWax
OmniChannel Commerce Suite breaks down the impossible,
and enables transformational business change.

  • Supplier portal
  • Order pickup desk
  • Web and mobile POS
  • Assisted selling digital catalog app
  • B2C and B2B eCommerce
  • 3PL Desk
  • Master Data Management (MDM)
  • Dealer portal
  • Unified data, reporting & analytics
  • Product Information Management (PIM)
  • Multi-tenant SaaS, Microservice cloud platform
  • Easy connections to any eCommerce, procurement or ERP software

Integrate & Go:

A Complete Solution for Direct Sales

Complex commission structures, distributer backoffice, and
a powerful infrastructure for unstoppable growth. Modern
direct selling demands the right technology that delivers
confidence. HotWax OmniChannel Commerce Suite puts
you ahead of the rest, ready for the future.

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