Meaningfully engage

Anticipate needs

Create value at every step

Dynamic retail demands unified commerce

“85% of retailers have made unified commerce their top priority, and
71% plan to have a unified commerce platform within three years.”
~Boston Retail Partners

A unified customer experience to deliver on your brand promise.

The HotWax Commerce platform is designed to accomodate for, and encourage transformation.

Build smarter. Grow faster. Spend less.

Complex buying journeys and ever-changing customer expectations demand a frictionless, interconnected technology platform that is tailored to match, and deliver on your unique brand promise. Disconnected systems only encourage operational silos that lead to increased complexity and disengaged customers. With Unified Commerce, your business becomes a data-driven enterprise, centralized around customer engagement and retention.

  • Physical experiences compliment digital experiences
  • Finely-tuned insights drive margins upward and create new strategic possibilities
  • Quickly deploy solutions and easily adapt to the “next big thing”

One of the quickest ways to dramatically improve business results, a Unified Commerce platform fortifies manufacturer and B2B2C business with insight and control, unleashing hidden potential and unrealized revenue.

  • Replace numerous overly-specialized and disparate enterprise software systems with a single native platform of unlimited scalability that incorporates the entire organization’s business operations, processes, roles and departments.
  • Increase efficiency with an intuitive and user-friendly tool that provides comprehensive real-time interdepartmental data sharing, creating a seamless operational experience.
  • Accentuate your strengths and deep-dive into operational details through real-time reports to fine-tune margins, cut costs, improve quality of service, and confidently make data-driven decisions that will spearhead your growth and success.

Unified Commerce Optimizes More than Just Customer Experience.

From brand manufacturers, to consumers; wholesalers, to B2B customers, and every step along the supply chain – winning commerce operations demand peak performance and consistent connectivity.

With one shared native platform, which captures and updates data from every operation and activity, a business is unified. When the entire enterprise is interconnected, leadership can find efficiencies, cut costs, and fine-tine margins, knowing that they are getting the highest quality data from all channels.

  • Double, even triple sales though multiple selling channels
  • Improve operational efficiencies, and increase bottom line revenue
  • Reduce inventory carrying cost by more than 50%
  • Eliminate integration hassles and data risks
Unified commerce across channels and throughout the customer purchase journey offers the flexibility and consistency to deliver a superior customer experience.

Core functionality is built on a data model that is made to scale

Features are already built in and ready to use

No need to purchase separate software to expand business strategies