What is Unified Commerce?

Unified Commerce is the native coordination of commerce business processes across multiple functional areas.

One of the quickest ways to dramatically improve business results.
A Unified Commerce Platform fortifies manufacturer and B2B2C business with insight and control, unleashing hidden potential and unrealized revenue.

Replace numerous overly-specialized and disparate enterprise software systems with a single native platform of unlimited scalability that incorporates the entire organization’s business operations, processes, roles and departments.


Increase efficiency with an intuitive and user-friendly tool that provides comprehensive real-time interdepartmental data sharing, creating a seamless operational experience.


Accentuate your strengths and deep-dive into operational details through real-time reports to fine-tune margins, cut costs, improve quality of service, and confidently make data-driven decisions that will spearhead your growth and success.


Your Business: Better Together

Disconnected Systems

Disconnected Systems

Unified Commerce

Unified Commerce

Unified Commerce puts strategy back into the driver’s seat, empowering stakeholders to take control of their business objectives, and swiftly act to turn organizational challenges into opportunities:

  • Connector.

    Double up on data-driven decisions

    Focus on business strategy, confidently knowing that reporting data is finally trustworthy and consistent throughout the enterprise.

  • Connector.

    Stop managing, and start leading

    Replace menial tasks related to managing and correcting data with in-depth analyses and strategic measurement.

  • Connector.

    Go from defense to offense

    Proactively respond to changes in the marketplace, turning challenges into opportunities.

Omnichannel Shopping

When it comes to providing the ultimate customer experience, Unified Commerce puts the “omni” in “Omnichannel”:

  • Manage multi-language, multi-currency, multi-brand and multi-store experiences in a single, interconnected interface that provides live sales feedback and customer trends.
  • Follow customer trends and comprehensive analytics, and respond with quick B2B and B2C price rules and promotions across all sales channels, from brick-and-mortar to digital devices, and back.
  • Empower CSRs to better cater to individuals’ and accounts’ needs through quick reorders, a wide range of payment and shipping options, on-the-spot order edits, and RMAs processing.
Is your commerce business unified?

Crazy, huh?

“Unified Commerce is the new imperative. It is the model that commercial organizations have been striving for since the first transaction. It provides the highest level of business process efficiency and mitigates the risk of data discrepancies across different areas of the organization. Everyone sees the same single source of truth.”Mike Bates, HotWax Founder & CEO