Product Updates Round-Up 2023

New App Launches

PU 4 - Launched New Store Fulfillment App (2)

Launched a New Version of the Store Fulfillment App

Launched a completely redesigned Store Fulfillment App, built on modern Progressive Web App (PWA) technologies that delivers a faster and more responsive experience for customers.

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Sample Product Update frame-2

Launched User Management App

Introducing the User Management App to streamline the user creation and management process.

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Facility Managment App

Launched Facility Management App

Introducing the Facility Management App to set up and manage multiple fulfillment facilities.

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PU 3 -Centralized page for auditing Pre-Order catalog- Ipad-1

Centralized Page for Auditing Pre-Order catalog

Launched a Pre-order catalog dashboard that helps merchandisers get a consolidated view of all items in pre-order, Purchase orders of pre-order items, on-hand inventory, and jobs responsible for listing and delisting pre-order items on Shopify.

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Single sign on

Launched Single Sign On

SAML-based Single Sign On feature is now supported in HotWax Commerce. 

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job parameters

Add Advanced Job Parameters

When scheduling a job, merchandisers can now add job-specific parameters per their business requirements without external assistance.

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Launched In-Store Returns

Launched In-Store Returns

The new “In-Store Returns” feature simplifies the process of accepting returns for online orders at physical retail outlets.

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Ship To store

Launched Ship to Store Feature in the BOPIS Fulfillment App

The BOPIS Fulfillment App now includes a new feature called "Ship to Store," allowing retailers to offer store pickup at later dates for products that are out-of-stock at the customer’s preferred store.

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