Scan QR Code to open Picklist

Pickers can now effortlessly scan QR codes in the Fulfillment app, instantly accessing their respective picklists in the picking app. 

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The Picking App serves as the backbone for efficient item retrieval from respective locations at the time of order fulfillment. Previously, the process of accessing the picklist involved multiple steps—opening the app, searching for the picklist, and commencing the picking process. The manual retrieval of picklists within the Picking App posed challenges, consuming valuable time and increasing the likelihood of errors. This cumbersome process hindered the seamless flow of operations.

With this latest update, pickers can effortlessly access their picklists by scanning the QR code using the Fulfillment App. This streamlined approach directly opens the picklist in the picker’s device, eliminating the need for multiple steps and reducing the chance of manual errors significantly.