BI Reports & Analytics (BIRA)

Benefits for Retailers

Get insights into sales, fulfillment, and pre-orders with our out-of-the-box reports.

Customize and easily create new reports to your specific needs with BIRA.

Connect your database to external reporting platforms.

Schedule reports once and get them delivered to your email at your convenience.

Analyze Sales and Returns

  • Stay on top of sales targets with daily and monthly gross and net sales metrics
  • Analyse sales by order and geographic region for a deeper understanding of performance.
  • Compare year-over-year sales to identify trends and patterns.
  • Analyze demand breakdown to understand shipping, cancellation, and return rates.
  • Identify which styles have the highest return rates for better inventory management.
BIRA_Sales Summary Report

Optimize Order Fulfillment

  • Measure omnichannel performance by tracking store contributions and identifying areas for improvement.
  • Monitor daily order fill rates to improve store fulfillment performance.
  • Identify unfulfilled orders and take action to improve warehouse fulfillment performance.
  • Uncover bottlenecks in the fulfillment process to reduce overall fulfillment time.
BIRA_Expedited Orders Report

Analyze Pre-order Performance

  • Measure the contribution of pre-orders to total revenue and ensure the success of your pre-order strategy.
  • Monitor pre-orderable products to prevent underselling or overselling.
  • Identify best and least performing pre-order products for better merchandising planning.
BIRA_Pre-Order Report

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