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Sell More. Deliver Fast. Spend Less.

Omnichannel Order Management for Retailers

  Offer Store Pick-Up & Same Day Delivery.

  Connect Inventory From All Systems to Digital Channels Faster.

  Advanced Order Routing to Stores and Warehouses.

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Transform your Omnichannel Retail


Buy Online Pick-Up In Store

Increase conversions on PDP by showing real-time inventory availability to customers for immediate pickup at their preferred stores so that they pick up their orders on the same day.

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Order routing-3

Order Routing and Fulfillment

Deliver fast at reduced cost by routing online orders to the most optimal fulfillment location based on out-of-the-box workflows or craft your own logics.

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Unified Inventory-4

Unified Inventory

Reduce online out of stocks and increase sales by consolidation inventory from all your integrated systems to produce a single, up-to-the-minute sellable inventory count.

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Sell more at full price by offering early access to your future inventory and avoid end-of-season markdowns. Build trust in your pre-order experience with accurate promise dates on PDPs.

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Buy Online Return In Store

Improve customer experience by accepting online returns at any store, regardless of the POS. Let customers choose how they want to return—be it for a refund, exchange, or store credits. 

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Store Inventory Management-3

Store Inventory Management

Reduce inventory discrepancies at stores by streamlining inventory receiving, stock transfers, and cycle counting in stores with intuitive mobile and desktop apps your associates will actually love.

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Pre-built Integrations & APIs

Scale with HotWax Commerce


Inventory records synced in seconds


Orders brokered in an hour


Orders brokered in an hour


Orders download per minute from eCommerce


Orders broker per minute to fulfillment locations


Products' inventory updates per hour to eCommerce

Why Leading Retail Brands Chose Us

client ADOC

"The ability to connect our vast store network across five countries to each of our Shopify sites with HotWax Commerce and their unique focus on Shopify merchants like us makes them the right choice for our company," said Elizabeth Phillips, ADOC's Digital Experience and Customer Support Manager.

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System Integrations

adoc integrations

Elizabeth Phillips
Digital Experience and Customer Support Manager

Client Krewe

“We wanted a platform that offers powerful order and inventory management , while being simple to use, ensuring we provide the best shopping experience to our customers. HotWax Commerce’s app suite will help us do that” said Amber Jessie, KREWE’s Retail Operations Manager.

“HotWax Commerce has a robust out of the box integration with NetSuite and Shopify for order management and store inventory management, and that makes them an easy choice for us" said Jeff Jones, KREWE's Director of Information Technology.

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System Integrations


Jeff new
Jeff Jones
Director of Information Technology

client PE

"We decided to go with HotWax Commerce after assessing various solutions. On top of the company’s proven track record of working with Shopify retailers, the solutions can be implemented at a pace that aligns with the unique needs of our brands.” said Raymond Conesa, VP of Ecommerce Operations, Perry Ellis International.

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System Integrations

Integrations PE

Raymond Conesa
VP of eCommerce Operations

Client SM

The growth and success experienced by Steve Madden and its affiliated brands while using HotWax Commerce have been truly remarkable. This enduring partnership is a testament to the mutual dedication and commitment to delivering exceptional customer experiences. Anil Patel emphasized, "I am delighted that Steve Madden and its affiliated brands continue to leverage HotWax Commerce. Our shared vision for innovation and customer satisfaction forms the foundation of our enduring collaboration."

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System Integrations

Integrations SM

Anil sir SM-1
Anil Patel
CEO HotWax Commerce

HotWax Commerce is for Everyone

Increase your Fill Rate

Real-time inventory synchronization ensures orders are fulfilled on time, every time.

Reduce Delivery Costs

Ship from stores or warehouses nearest to the customer’s shipping address to reduce delivery costs and carbon footprint.

Increase Profit Margins

Leverage rate shopping to fulfill orders from the most economical shipping method while meeting the expected delivery time.

Increase Conversions

Provide same day pickup, same day/next day delivery options along with accurate promise dates right on the PDP.

Increase Sales

Expand to new digital channels and sell more by selling earlier with pre-orders.

Improve your Customer Experience

Display accurate stock levels to reduce the risk of overselling or underselling and prevent customer disappointment.

Integrate Faster

Pre-built integrations with various ERP, POS, Shipping Gateways, and eCommerce platforms reduces time to launch & cost of implementation of your omnichannel retailing initiatives. 

Accelerate Innovation

Open APIs lets you create custom workflows and connect to apps beyond our list of integrations.

Seamless Onboarding

The comprehensive training and ongoing support lets teams embrace the new system as a trusted partner in growth.

Faster Go-To-Market

Accelerate the launch of new products with pre-orders and capitalize on market opportunities quickly while staying ahead of the competition.

Increase your NPS

Prevent canceled pickup orders and customer disappointment by real time inventory synchronization.

Improve Return on Ad Spend

Integrate up-to-date inventory data into your ad platform to cut down on unnecessary ad spending for products that are unavailable.

Resolve Customer Queries Quickly

Single view of orders lets support teams quickly resolve customer queries, such as when their order will ship, its status, location, & tracking details.

Reduce Order Cancellations Requests

Accurate inventory records prevent order cancellations and lets your support team engage in more meaningful interactions.

Increase Store Traffic

Show customers real-time in-store availability for products and provide the same day pickup options that increase store visits and revenue.

Reduce Picking and Packing Time

Transform order fulfillment with efficient picking routes, and integrated shipping solutions. Manage BOPIS and Ship-from-Store operations seamlessly, keeping customers happy and orders flowing like magic.

Manage Store’s Fulfillment Capacity

Easily set max order capacity and control how many orders are sent to each store to prevent bottlenecks and customer disappointment.

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