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HotWax Commerce is the leading Unified Commerce platform that can be customized to grow your business.

  • Increase efficiency and profitability
  • Simplify and unify business processes
  • Strengthen customer experiences across all channels

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Your data: the most valued asset of any business. With order managers, warehouse managers, CRM, PIM, and ERP – all working independently, it’s impossible to make sense of it all. You need one trusted source of cross-functional enterprise data. When you put HotWax Commerce to use for your business, you turn independent functions with disparate data into one simplified business dashboard that you can trust to improve performance.
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Go from dozens of orders a day to thousands of orders an hour. Align your business to your customers – to quickly and easily realize revenue potential. HotWax Commerce brings optimized processes and increased productivity to your business, all without the cost-of-ownership burdens inherent to most proprietary commerce solutions. That means that you can stop running your business, and start growing it.
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Your business is complex. Your commerce solution doesn’t have to be. HotWax Commerce provides cross-functional harmonization of enterprise data, along with easy-to-use interfaces that can be customized to fit your business. Plus, easy pricing that you can actually explain to your CFO, and won’t increase with complexity. The result: simplified, optimized, unified operations that puts you in the lead.
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What if you could do more, with less? More doing, less training. More interoperability, less barriers. More capabilities, less expense. Unlimited operational opportunities with none of the proprietary cost restrictions. It’s SAP, without the SAP. Go beyond basics with a complete multichannel commerce solution. With HotWax Commerce, the answer is “yes”.
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The simple solution
to your complex commerce strategies.

  • Dozens of channels
  • Hundreds of suppliers
  • Thousands of orders a day
  • One platform to unify and ignite your business

Ignite your Business

One License, Unlimited Options.

Outdoor Industry

Unify your commerce platform to boost your business efficiency. Then, get back to doing what you love.

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Magento 2.0 Alternative

HotWax Commerce is an affordable alternative to Magento 2.0. Avoid forced upgrades and replatforming later.

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B2B eCommerce

Manage transactions with all of your trading partners, plus create multiple eCommerce websites, each with a unique host path, brand, logo, design look & feel.

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SPEL Technologies
Standard Restaurant Supply

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