Knowledge Base

Unlock the full potential of HotWax Commerce with our comprehensive documentation, providing essential resources for product updates, integrations, user guides, and technical implementation. It's your go-to guide for a smooth installation and a solid knowledge base, ensuring an excellent software experience.

Product Updates

Product Updates

Exciting updates and latest releases within the HotWax Commerce OMS and its associated suite of applications.

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Integrations with HotWax-2

Integration Resources

Integration between HotWax Commerce and various systems to simplify order and inventory management.

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User Guides

Central hub for all HotWax Commerce apps to provide access to development, user acceptance testing, and production versions.

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Technical implementation

Technical Implementation

The backbone of a well-orchestrated and efficient business infrastructure that drives growth and customer satisfaction.

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Configuration and deployment

Deployment and Configurations

A step by step guide of how to deploy a new instance of HotWax Commerce.

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Integrations with HotWax

HotWax APIs

Robust security features to ensure safe API communication for user authenticity, authorized actions, and data integrity.

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