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Buy Online Pick-Up In Store, also known as BOPIS, has taken the retail world by storm. Especially since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, when consumers had no choice but to shop online for everything from groceries to fashion, BOPIS has skyrocketed in popularity, with the global BOPIS market expected to reach $703.18 billion by 2027, expanding with a double-digit CAGR of 19.3% year over year.

BOPIS has become a staple in the retail lexicon, with everyone from retail pundits to consumers to brand owners discussing its merits and drawbacks. So let’s dive into Buy Online Pick-Up In Store, from the very basics through to understanding the intricacies of a successful BOPIS offering, and what that means in practice for consumers and retailers alike.

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  1. Enable same-day Buy Online Pick-up In Store (BOPIS) to increase online conversions and Average Order Value.
  2. Reduce shipping expenses and increase sell-through
    rate with omnichannel store fulfilment.
  3. Improve speed-to-market by selling future inventory and sell more full-price inventory and thereby reduce markdowns.