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4 Reasons To Offer Same-Day Buy Online Pick Up In-Store in 2024

by Divesh Dutta |

Let's dive straight in: If you haven't already implemented a same-day Buy Online Pick-Up In Store (BOPIS) option for your customers, it's high time you did. In today's retail landscape, consumers expect nothing short of exceptional convenience and flexibility, and premium retailers are delivering just that.

With the abundance of choices available both offline and online, consumers won't tolerate lengthy delivery windows or being stuck on out-of-stock lists. They have the freedom to swiftly shift to alternative brands. To maintain a competitive edge in 2024, it's imperative to stay abreast of the popular omnichannel trends, which undoubtedly includes offering a same-day BOPIS service.

In this blog, we'll outline four compelling reasons why integrating same-day in-store pick-up into your operations this year is essential, even if your physical stores aren't the primary focus of your retail strategy.

Increase conversion rates

Online shoppers crave instant gratification and seamless shopping experiences. However, concerns about shipping times, delivery fees, and package security often lead to hesitations at the checkout page, resulting in abandoned carts and lost sales. By offering customers the option to pick up their orders from a nearby store on the same day, you not only eliminate the uncertainties associated with traditional shipping methods but also provide a convenient solution that aligns with their desire for immediacy.

Whether customers need the product urgently or simply prefer to pick it up at their convenience, offering same-day BOPIS empowers them with control over their shopping experience. This enhanced confidence in the purchase process translates into higher conversion rates for your online store. By embracing this omnichannel approach, retailers can stay competitive in today's dynamic retail landscape and capitalize on the growing demand for convenient and efficient shopping experiences.

Bring new customers to the store

In today's dynamic retail environment, where convenience and flexibility reign supreme, offering same-day BOPIS has emerged as a strategic imperative for retailers looking to stay ahead of the curve. This approach seamlessly blends the advantages of online shopping with the tactile experience of in-store browsing, catering to the diverse preferences of modern consumers.

Moreover, the in-store pickup option presents a unique opportunity for retailers to make a lasting impression. A customer who initially interacts with a brand online and then steps into a physical store to collect their purchase is essentially walking through the door as a potential convert. This initial visit allows retailers to showcase their products, provide personalized assistance, and create memorable experiences that leave a lasting impact.

By seamlessly integrating online and offline channels through BOPIS, retailers can drive foot traffic to their stores, increase sales, and strengthen customer relationships. Furthermore, the data generated from BOPIS transactions offers valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences, enabling retailers to refine their strategies and deliver even more customized experiences in the future.

Minimize shipping costs (for everyone involved)

Picture this retailer’s nightmare: your customer is about to check out on your website, but abandons the cart altogether when they see the costs associated with fast delivery. Shipping costs are an unexpectedly common deterrent for online shoppers, with 95% of eCommerce shoppers admitting that delivery fees impact their purchase decision and 36% abandoning their carts.

Same-day in-store pick-up allows you to reduce or eliminate these shipping costs for your consumers and, by extension, maximize online sales. Customers can choose to pick up at a nearby store (either one of your brick-and-mortar locations or a wholesaler) to reap the benefits of quick delivery without the dreaded shipping costs. Same-day BOPIS is one of the most powerful levers you can pull to save the sale, because the same-day turnaround time attracts customers who want the product ASAP, but aren’t willing to pay the hefty shipping cost.

But wait, there’s more! The cost benefits of in-store pick-up don’t stop with the consumer. You can save millions by leveraging in-store inventory or routing orders from nearby stores instead of shipping from faraway warehouses.

Maximize Average Order Value (AOV)

Once your customers have entered your store to pick up their click and collect orders, it’s time to upsell. Some of this occurs naturally; as the customers walk through racks of clothing or aisles of product to approach the checkout counter, they can’t help but browse the other options available. Maybe they pick up something new and add it to their basket on their way out the door. Maybe they make a mental note to come back or buy online if they're in a rush. Either way, the in-store visit has increased the customer’s AOV (average order value) with no added work on your plate.

We highly recommend educating your store associates on the importance of upselling BOPIS customers. Comprehensive and consistent incentive programs are a must to ensure store associates participate in the omnichannel buying journey. For example, many companies compensate store associates for upselling eCommerce clients when they pick up orders in-store, either directly through commissions or by considering them for upcoming promotions. Whichever compensation structure you choose, make sure every member of your organization is united behind a common omnichannel vision.


In summary, offering same-day BOPIS isn't just about convenience; it's about prioritizing your customers' needs. By providing the option for same-day BOPIS, you're giving them control over their shopping experience and eliminating the frustrations of long shipping times and high delivery fees. Plus, it extends your services to those who are unable to collect their purchases themselves, such as individuals buying gifts for others.

In today's retail landscape, where seamless experiences are expected, prioritizing same-day BOPIS sets a gold standard for convenience. This commitment to customer satisfaction not only meets expectations but also ensures that every interaction leaves a lasting positive impression.

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Now that you understand the advantages, you're likely eager to implement same-day BOPIS for your customers. However, for retailers, enabling same-day click-and-collect isn't a simple task. While it offers convenience to customers, ensuring a seamless experience requires a robust infrastructure.

The first step is to assess your existing systems. Does your retail platform or partner facilitate unified commerce? Are your store associates equipped to manage online orders and offer additional products to eCommerce customers? Is your logistics team ready to handle the complexities of order management and supply chain logistics associated with omnichannel fulfillment? Collaborating with an omnichannel solution provider capable of delivering your desired shopping experience is crucial.

Request a consultation with the HotWax Commerce team to explore our Same-Day Buy Online Pick-Up In Store solution.