Launched Reroute Fulfillment App

The new Reroute Fulfillment App allows customers to choose an alternative pick-up store location or have their pick-up item delivered to them if their preferred store is unable to fulfill their order

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When customers place Buy Online Pick-Up In-Store (BOPIS) orders, they expect prompt fulfillment of their pick-up orders. However, during peak hours or when attractive deals and promotions are running, brick-and-mortar retail locations often experience high in-store traffic. This poses a potential risk that the requested item for pick-up may no longer be available, as the last remaining piece could be purchased by an in-store customer. Additionally, inventory discrepancies further complicate the situation, making it challenging for store associates to fulfill the pick-up order. In such circumstances, store associates are forced to cancel the item and contact the customer to explore alternative fulfillment options. The process of canceling and reordering is cumbersome and inconvenient, as it not only cancels previously secured revenue but also requires the customer's agreement to repurchase the item. Moreover, the delayed solution not only risks potential sales losses but also leads to a subpar customer experience.

To improve customer satisfaction and prevent order cancellations, HotWax Commerce has launched the Reroute Fulfillment App. When a store associate rejects an item from the BOPIS Fulfillment App's dashboard, customers will receive an email containing a link that redirects them to the Reroute Fulfillment App. Here, they can choose an alternative pick-up location or opt for home delivery. Instead of receiving an order cancellation email, customers now have the option to pick up their items from another store or have them shipped directly to their home. This proactive approach ensures that customers have alternate fulfillment options and eliminates the inconvenience caused by order cancellations.

The Reroute Fulfillment App also benefits store associates by automating the order rejection process. They are no longer burdened with manually reaching out to customers, searching for alternative fulfillment solutions, and placing new orders on their behalf. The app streamlines the process and saves valuable time for store associates, enabling them to focus on providing excellent customer service.

Additionally, the Reroute Fulfillment App offers flexibility for store managers. Reroute Fulfillment Settings in the BOPIS Fulfillment App's Settings page offer store managers an easy way to configure the options presented to customers in the event of a rejection. They can determine which alternatives to offer, such as the ability to cancel the order, select another pick-up location, have the item shipped to their home, or a combination of these options. This customization ensures that retailers can tailor the experience based on their specific business requirements.

The Reroute Fulfillment App empowers Shopify retailers to save sales, offer convenient alternative fulfillment options, enhance customer experiences, and mitigate order cancellation impacts.