Added a new Page to Setup Shipping Carriers

Introduced a new dedicated page for seamless shipping carrier setup within HotWax Commerce to facilitate integration between HotWax Commerce and shipping carriers.

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HotWax Commerce integrates with multiple Carriers through their Shipping Gateways, allowing retailers to request shipment quotations and labels during order fulfillment. Previously, the setup and modification of carrier-related configurations required intervention from the HotWax Commerce development team.

However, retailers faced limitations in modifying Carrier shipping methods in real-time, restricting their ability to adapt swiftly to dynamic scenarios. For example, during sales periods, retailers had to modify shipping methods. This highlighted the need for a flexible solution that retailers could directly access without depending on the HotWax Commerce development team.

To grant retailers greater control and flexibility, HotWax Commerce introduced the Carrier Setup page to configure critical aspects, including:

  • Shipment Gateway Configuration: Establishing communication with shipping gateways, facilitating seamless integration with carriers like FedEx and others.

  • Product Store Shipment Methods: Configuring shipping methods at the product store level allows for optimized cost and timely deliveries, as the Fulfillment App intelligently retrieves quotations during fulfillment based on the shipping method.

  • Carrier Shipment Box Mapping: This facilitates the mapping of packaging boxes from HotWax Commerce to corresponding packaging boxes recognized by the Shipping Gateway. This setup streamlines the packing process, displaying only relevant box types to packers, ensuring efficient packing operations.

The Carrier Setup page aids retailers to manage and configure Carrier-related settings within HotWax Commerce. By offering autonomy and real-time adaptability, this update significantly enhances operational efficiency and responsiveness to market demands. To learn how to set shipping gateway configurations, you can visit our user manual.