Added a New Company Settings Page

Introducing the Company Settings page that offers retailers the ability to define the countries where they conduct business and their preferred payment methods.

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In this update, we have introduced a significant enhancement that empowers retailers with precise control over company-specific details. Previously, retailers faced a challenge, as the system displayed all country’s data, irrespective of the countries where retailers are doing business in.. This increased complexity and made it challenging for users to identify and select relevant options when selecting states or specific locations when editing Shipping or Billing addresses. 

With this update, retailers can precisely define the countries they conduct business in, ensuring that HotWax Commerce shows locations based on configured countries. For example, if a retailer operates solely in the US and Canada, the users will only view the states or provinces of these countries. This update reduces clutter and enhances precision by displaying only relevant information.

Moreover, retailers can also establish their preferred payment methods, specifying the avenues through which they accept payments in their business. Retailers can easily add or delete preferred payment methods to map them with the payment methods available for customers on Shopify.