Added a New General Settings Page

Introduced General Settings page for retailers to set up default company configurations, manage FTP connections, define date formats, and handle shipping methods along with box sizes.

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When setting up HotWax Commerce, crucial details like eCommerce connections, carrier integrations, and shipping methods are important for seamless operations. While these are initially configured during setup, the need for subsequent changes often arises. However, the lack of flexibility in making these adjustments without technical assistance became a hindrance for the retailers as they had to depend on the HotWax Commerce development team.

Retailers faced constraints when wanting to modify established settings, such as changing their FTP connection settings or adding additional shipping methods, without having direct control. 

To empower retailers with autonomy in managing their HotWax Commerce configurations, we introduced the General Settings page. This comprehensive page enables retailers to:

  • Load External System data: Effortlessly import data for external systems like ERP or Shipping carriers to integrate. After loading this data, retailers can access the respective system's configurations page for customization.

  • Manage General Settings: Access and manage all general configurations within HotWax Commerce such as default currency, company mail address, unit of measurement formats, etc.

  • Define Date Formats: Flexibly set date formats used across the HotWax Commerce and associated apps, ensuring alignment with preferences (e.g., mm/dd/yyyy or dd/mm/yyyy).

  • Handle FTP Connection Settings: Manage FTP details for connections with external systems, ensuring secure and efficient data exchange. Users can manage FTP configurations such as FTP ports, servers, and user credentials. The FTP paths can be configured from the Data Manager configurations page.

  • Add Shipping Methods: Effortlessly add various shipping methods offered by different carriers along with detailed descriptions for each method. Once added, these shipping methods will be visible for mapping on the carrier setup page.

  • Set Shipment Box Details: Enable selection and setup of box dimensions for orders, optimizing fulfillment by ensuring appropriate box sizes are selected when shipping labels are generated. Users can map these shipment boxes from the carrier setup page.

This update grants retailers control over HotWax Commerce configurations. With the flexibility to modify settings independently, retailers can seamlessly manage and overview operations without constant reliance on development teams.