Customized Rebrokering Rules

Retailers can now customize rebrokering rules to exclude specific facility types 

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HotWax Commerce re-brokers orders that are rejected by a store or warehouse due to inventory unavailability to ensure orders are fulfilled. However, challenges arise when certain facility types are ill-equipped to handle rebrokered orders. A case in point involves one of our clients dealing with the challenge of managing split orders, wherein fulfillment is executed partially at a store and partially at a warehouse. 

Issues surface when an order rejected by the store is rebrokered to the warehouse as the Warehouse Management System (WMS) recognizes orders as fulfilled at the aggregate level, rather than at the individual item level. This poses a significant challenge, as the WMS marks the complete order fulfilled even if only one order item is fulfilled.

To resolve this issue, HotWax Commerce has introduced a feature allowing retailers to customize their re-brokering rules. Retailers now have the ability to exclude specific facility types—such as warehouses, stores, or third-party fulfillment centers—from the rebrokering process. For instance, in the scenario described previously, retailers can conveniently exclude warehouses by inserting their Facility Type ID. Similarly, if a retail store were to reject an order during a peak holiday season, retailers have the option to exclude all retail stores from being considered in the rerouting of orders. This enhancement provides retailers with greater flexibility and control in managing order fulfillment processes.