Save Shopify Order Metafields as Order Attributes

Retailers can now access additional order information by saving Shopify metafields as order attributes in HotWax Commerce.

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Some countries require eCommerce retailers to share customers’ security IDs while reporting their sales numbers in order to ensure legitimacy of financial reports. Therefore,  Shopify retailers capture and verify customers’ government IDs during the checkout process. 

Shopify retailers can capture additional crucial order details through metafields. Once customer IDs are verified, they are stored as order metafields in Shopify. When an Order Management System enters a retailer’s Shopify ecosystem, it becomes the source of truth for all order related information. The OMS downloads orders details along with customers’ IDs and shares this information with the retailer's accounting system. 

In its latest update, HotWax Commerce has provided the support to store metafields as order attributes enabling Shopify retailers to conveniently provide necessary order information to accounting systems for accurate financial reporting.