Order Detail Page

Added Order Detail page in the Fulfillment App to view and manage the complete lifecycle for an order.

3 min |

The HotWax Commerce Fulfillment app was initially designed with a primary focus on batch order fulfillment. This allowed store associates to efficiently manage multiple open orders for the pick-pack-ship process.

However, there are times when store associates need to focus on individual order fulfillment. To do this, they used to face a somewhat cumbersome process. They had to jump back and forth between different tabs - from searching for the individual order in the open tab, generating the picklist, switching to the in-progress tab for packing, and then navigating to the completed orders to again search and ship the order. This process demanded unnecessary effort and time.

In response to the feedback from store associates, we have introduced a solution in the HotWax Commerce Fulfillment app that assists store associates in efficiently overseeing the complete order lifecycle of individual orders by accessing the order detail page of the individual order.

The order detail page provides access to critical information, including Order ID, HotWax Commerce Internal Order ID, order payment method, and the current order status within the fulfillment app—whether it's in an open, packed, or completed state. Store associates can also access order inventory details, shipping information (useful when manual entry of shipping addresses is required), handling instructions, and specifics about other order items within the order that are allocated to different facilities or awaiting fulfillment.

This new capability enables store associates to efficiently pick individual orders and oversee the complete order fulfillment process directly from a single, user-friendly page. It eliminates the need for switching between multiple tabs to fulfill the individual order and streamlines the entire workflow.