BOPIS Fulfillment App

BOPIS Fulfillment App enables store associates to fulfill BOPIS orders immediately and reduce BOPIS abandonment rates.

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Process BOPIS orders immediately and accurately

View order and customer detail, track pending BOPIS orders, and hand over store pick-up orders.

BOPIS_Packed Orders

Let customers know their order is ready for pick up

Mark the orders “ready for pick-up,” which instantly triggers an automated notification to the customers so that they can pick-up their orders on time.


Save the sale by providing alternate fulfillment options

Avoid cancellations of store pick-up orders due to inventory inaccuracies. Associates can provide alternative options to customers, such as “pick-up from another location” or “delivery to their address”.

BOPIS_Reject Order
BOPIS_Reject Order email-1
BOPIS_Reroute fulfillment

Avoid taking unfillable BOPIS orders

Log inventory variances so that customers are not placing repeat store pick-up orders in case the product is out-of-stock in the store or the last piece of inventory is damaged.

BOPIS_Inventory Variance Log

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