Fulfillment App

The Fulfillment App helps in quick and accurate fulfillment of online orders by increasing store staff’s productivity

Store Fulfillment App_ Picklists with picking routes

Reduce picking time

Create picklists with optimized picking routes for a batch of orders that reduces multiple trips to aisles and travel time. 

Reduce time to prepare packages for shipment

Create packages and generate shipping labels with tracking codes from third-party logistics providers. Option to generate shipping labels in advance with tracking code for a batch of orders in the picklist, helping in reducing time to prepare packages for the shipment.

Improve inventory accuracy and avoid routing unfillable orders at the store

Store associates can reject orders if inventory is not found during picking and record inventory variance with reasons to prevent orders from being routed to the store without inventory to fulfill them.

Store Fulfillment App_In Progress Orders

Increase profit margin per order by rate-shopping

Before generating the shipping label for each order from the logistics company, the fulfillment app checks if the standard shipping method meets the customer’s delivery expectations. If so, it gets the shipping label of the standard shipping rather than next-day shipping.

Store Fulfillment App_Rate Shopping Labels

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