Launched Shopify Admin Helper App

The new Shopify Admin Helper App simplifies the process of labeling order items as backorder, pre-order, or store pick-up for CSRs while creating draft orders in Shopify

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When customers reach out to Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) to place their online orders, the CSRs create draft orders in Shopify on behalf of the customers. These draft orders contain detailed item information and customer data. However, when certain items are on backorder, pre-order, or eligible for in-store pick-up, it becomes crucial to correctly classify them within Shopify. This ensures that when draft orders are downloaded from Shopify into the Order Management System (OMS), all the necessary order details are included for smooth order fulfillment. Unfortunately, when these details are not automatically included, CSRs have to undertake manual steps in HotWax Commerce OMS to process these orders. This includes relocating orders to appropriate reservation queues, such as backorder or pre-order parking, for items that are on backorder or pre-order. They may also need to modify the shipping method and select the customer's preferred store location for pick-up orders. The entire process of creating a draft order and completing it becomes laborious and increases the risk of potential errors if CSRs forget to add order fulfillment details in OMS.

To simplify the process of labeling order items as backorder, pre-order, or store pick-up when creating draft orders in Shopify, HotWax Commerce has launched the Shopify Admin Helper App. This app is particularly beneficial for retailers who frequently create draft orders in Shopify and need to combine pick-up and shipping items in a single order, or who have a range of products on pre-order or backorder. Seamlessly integrating into the existing Shopify admin dashboard, the Shopify Admin Helper App provides an intuitive interface. Now, CSRs can effortlessly create draft orders and apply the necessary labels to each item in Shopify, all within a single streamlined workflow.

The Shopify Admin Helper App helps CSRs save time and reduce errors when creating draft orders, resulting in more efficient order processing and accurate order fulfillment. This, in turn, leads to heightened customer satisfaction.