User Management App

Introducing User Management App to streamline the user creation and management process.

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User management is a critical component that ensures security, accountability, and streamlined operations. In HotWax Commerce, the ability to grant access and permissions to individual users is essential, allowing them to effectively navigate the Order Management System (OMS) and its suite of applications. 

However, in the past, user creation and management in HotWax Commerce involved a somewhat complex process, requiring the operations team to navigate through multiple pages to create user profiles, assign permissions, and link users to different facilities. This process, while crucial, was somewhat cumbersome for the operation managers.

To facilitate seamless user management, HotWax Commerce presents the User Management App, a dedicated solution that simplifies the process of user creation and management.

The User Management app provides the flexibility to create two distinct user types:

  1. Facility Users: These users represent the staff within a single facility, sharing identical user credentials. The creation of facility users is a straightforward process. Retailers can choose a specific facility from a dropdown menu, automatically populating the user's name, user ID, and contact details based on the facility's information. 

  2. Individual Users: This category comprises users with unique profiles, necessitating manual entry of details such as their name, contact information, user ID, and employee ID. 

For a streamlined user profile configuration process, the User Management App also offers a quick setup option. Retailers can efficiently create users and tailor specific settings for each one. The different user types include:

  • Order Fulfillment

  • Order Fulfillment Manager

  • Customer Service Representative (CSR)

  • Merchandising Manager

  • Admin

The permissions for accessing the OMS and its associated apps are typically based on the selected user role. Furthermore, retailers also have the option to manually configure permissions as per their requirements. It's important to note that, excluding the ‘Order Fulfillment’ role, each user necessitates a login, and the system automatically generates user login details. Retailers can also configure settings such as the reset password option for users, which can be disabled to disallow changing their passwords if preferred.

Upon successfully creating a user profile, retailers can conveniently search and access the individual user detail page through their names or User IDs. The User Profile page offers a comprehensive view of the user's role and security permissions. Retailers can easily modify user roles, associate facilities, and product stores with the user, and customize security settings as needed to ensure the precise level of access and control.

The User Management App is a comprehensive solution that helps retailers simplify user creation and management. It ensures that each individual holds the correct permissions, enhancing security and accountability.