Launched New Version of the Store Fulfillment App

Launched a new version of the Store Fulfillment App for improved user experience.

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HotWax Commerce has launched a completely redesigned Store Fulfillment App, built on modern Progressive Web App (PWA) technologies that delivers a faster and more responsive experience for customers.

Why move to PWA technology?

By building the new Store Fulfillment App as a PWA, it can be deployed and updated independently of the OMS’s release cycle, allowing for rapid feature deployment without making retailers wait for a new update to the OMS. Additionally, because PWAs leverage modern browser technologies, it is more scalable, especially for retailers with large store networks where all stores use the HotWax Commerce Store Fulfillment App.

PWAs are also great for re-using data that has loaded on a user's computer before. So when store staff load the orders they need to fulfill, product imagery is only loaded once and reused across all orders, dramatically reducing page load time and increasing performance.

Many store fulfillment teams use the fulfillment app on a dedicated desktop where it's always open for easy access. By moving to PWA technology, store teams can save the fulfillment app to their desktop and access it just like a native desktop application, and even open it in an immersive full screen mode.

When stores save the new Store Fulfillment app to their desktop or device home screen, they’ll also get the option to enable push notifications for new orders. Push notifications are great for retailers that want to streamline and expedite their fulfillment process as much as possible to deliver on fast shipping promises to customers.

What else is new?

1. Enhanced Mobile View: The new app also has an all new mobile optimized view to help handheld device users when they’re moving around their fulfillment center.

2. Single Sign-On (SSO) Integration: By moving to PWAs, the new app is also compatible with the Single Sign On Feature that will be rolled out soon to all HotWax Apps. Single Sign On lets users sign in once to their LaunchPad and then open any app without having to login again.

3. Manual Import and Export of Order Data: Some retailers use shipping carriers that don’t allow for API for file based integration, so to support them the new app has a built in order import and export functionality. Store teams can save file mappings just like the Import App to quickly download packed orders and upload tracking codes from carriers.