Launched Ship to Store feature in the BOPIS Fulfillment App.

The BOPIS Fulfillment App now includes a new feature called "Ship to Store," allowing retailers to offer store pickup at later dates for products that are out-of-stock at the customer’s preferred store.

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Some customers prefer not to have their items delivered to their homes or pay shipping charges, so they opt for store pickup instead. However, if a product is not available for same-day pickup due to stock-outs at the customer's preferred location, they must check store inventory repeatedly. This can lead to cart abandonment and losing potential sales to competitors.

To address this, HotWax Commerce has introduced the Ship to Store feature to help customers place pickup orders for products that are not immediately available for same-day fulfillment at their preferred location. Shopify Retailers can install HotWax Commerce BOPIS PDP App within Shopify enabling customers to select a specific future timeframe for their pickup. Customers will see an estimated pickup timeframe displayed as "Pick up in x days" directly on the product detail page (PDP). Once the order is downloaded, HotWax Commerce categorizes it as a "Ship to Store" order and brokers it to a store or warehouse location where the inventory will be shipped to the pickup location.

After a fulfillment location has been designated, store employees can utilize the recently introduced "Ship to Store" page in the HotWax Commerce BOPIS Fulfillment App to monitor and complete "Ship to Store" orders. When the incoming inventory is received, store staff members can label the order as "Arrived". This action generates an automatic notification to the customer, informing them that their order is now available for pickup. Once the customer arrives at the store for pickup, the store associate can mark “Handover” and the order will move to the completed orders tab.