Launched In-Store Returns

The new “In-Store Returns” feature simplifies the process of accepting returns for online orders at physical retail outlets.

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The Buy Online Return In Store (BORIS) feature now enables customers to return online purchases at physical retail stores. It offers several benefits, including efficient return handling by store associates for faster transactions, improved operational efficiency, cost reduction through accurate record-keeping, and analysis of centralized returns data for insights into return reasons, product performance, and customer behavior. Additionally, store associates can engage with customers through this feature, providing personalized recommendations and opportunities to convert returns into exchanges or new sales. 

HotWax Commerce now offers a new In-Store Returns feature that simplifies the process of BORIS by allowing store associates to:

1. Initiate returns: Store associates select the option to create a return for a completed online order by inputting the pertinent details, such as order number and customer information, to identify the items being returned.

  • Select return facility: Store associates can then select the appropriate return facility where the returned items will be processed to ensure accurate tracking and streamline the handling of returns within the designated location.

  • Specify return type: Associates now have the ability to specify the type of return for each item, such as a refund, exchange, or store credit.

2. Verify and authorize returns: Store associates can now verify the returned items, ensuring they meet the return policy requirements, and authorize the return by entering their unique Employee ID in the BORIS system.

3. Receive returns: After inspecting and confirming the returned items, store associates have the ability to receive the returns and record them in BORIS. Store associates can configure whether to accept the return of the product with or without restocking it to make it available for online sales depending on the specific requirements set by the retailer.

4. Complete returns: After verification, store associates can now indicate that the return is complete or they can select the "Refund return" option. If the "Refund return" option is selected, the return is pushed from HotWax to Shopify where Shopify will generate a return for the item.

5. Schedule return reports: Retailers now have the option to extract comprehensive return reports. This feature enables efficient record-keeping and analysis of the returns information. The improved data can be used for further analysis, such as identifying return reasoning, evaluating product performance, and understanding customer behavior.

With In-Store Returns, HotWax Commerce enhances customer experience and reduces the manual workload of store associates.