Display a Store’s Daywise Unique Operating Hours on PDP

Retailers can now manage a store's unique operating hours and lead time for each day of the week, helping them set the right expectations on eCommerce's Product Detail Page for same-day pick-ups of BOPIS orders.

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Store hours can vary during the week, but static store hours on the Product Detail Page (PDP) can be misleading and set wrong customer expectations.

Customers are eager to pick up their BOPIS orders on the same day they place an order. But, the product being ready for pick-up at the store and on the same day depends on what time and day the customer is placing the BOPIS order. Typically, you can not pick up orders on the same day if you place them just before store closing because picking and packing orders take time.

In other words, more than merely displaying the day-specific operating hours is required. Retailers also need to account for the lead time needed to prepare the order to communicate whether the BOPIS order can be picked up the same day or the next. To manage customer expectations, retailers need to clearly define whether items are available for same-day pick-up or not.

HotWax Commerce lets retailers configure each store's operating hours and lead time, helping them set the right expectations on the eCommerce’s PDP for same-day pick-up of BOPIS orders.