Mark items ‘Shipped’ right from the sales order view page

Customer service representatives can now mark items as “Shipped” right from the sales order view page and bypass the brokering and fulfillment process.

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Customer service representatives occasionally need to bypass the brokering, picking, and packing process and do same day fulfillment of orders through a different system. However, HotWax Commerce sends shipment completion notifications to customers with a tracking code using third-party email software. Because of this, it’s crucial for customer service representatives to complete orders within the HotWax Commerce system. 

To handle these exceptional cases, the "Ship Now" button has been added to the sales order view page, which enables customer service representatives to mark the order as shipped, thereby bypassing the brokering and fulfillment process in HotWax Commerce.

Why This Change is Important

This feature helps representatives bypass HotWax Commerce’s order fulfillment process and complete non-shipment orders manually. 

Generally, shipped orders are expected to arrive within a few days. Deliveries, however, can sometimes be delayed. Customers experiencing order delays may not be willing to accept the order and request refunds and then receive their order once a customer service representative has initiated the refund process. In this scenario, customers may contact the customer service department willing to repay. To record these unique repayment transactions, an order is created in e-commerce that does not need shipping. With HotWax Commerce’s latest product update, customer service representatives can seamlessly initiate this process.