Moving Order Items from the Brokering to the Backorder Queue

Retailers can now move items from the brokering queue to the backorder queue, helping them avoid overselling.

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HotWax Commerce manages the available inventory for retailers and then routes the online orders to optimal fulfillment locations. The system reads the inventory data from the retailer's Inventory Management System (IMS)/ Warehouse Management System (WMS) and communicates it to eCommerce. 

Occasionally, the inventory within the IMS or WMS locations can have product inventory inaccuracies (e.g. due to damage or theft), thus resulting in HotWax Commerce having inaccurate inventory numbers.

 If HotWax Commerce routes the order to a fulfillment location where inventories are inaccurate, the fulfillment team will have to reject the orders, resulting in order cancellations and a bad customer experience. 

To help avoid this problem in the future, HotWax Commerce now enables merchants to move orders from the brokering queue to the backorder queue. Moving orders to the backorder queue will help leverage future inventory of the purchase order (PO) and avoid orders from being cancelled.

HotWax Commerce can also check the upcoming PO and put a promise date on the items in the order. Once the PO’s inventory is available and there is a promise date, HotWax Commerce will automatically broker these orders to the optimal location, ensuring an efficient fulfillment process!