Organize Picklists by Sorting Order Items

Pickers can now organize their picklists by sorting order items based on the Product Name, Bin ID, or Location Sequence ID.

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Picklists play a vital role in providing essential details such as inventory SKUs, quantities, and locations. They serve as a guide for fulfillment teams to efficiently pick order items during the fulfillment process. Store/fulfillment managers often implement various strategies to organize inventory based on criteria sets like Product Name, Bin ID, or Location Sequence ID. It is crucial to structure picklists in a way that aligns with these strategies, ensuring an optimized route for pickers. This optimization minimizes the time spent in picking and enhances both the speed and accuracy of fulfillment. However, when picklists cannot be sorted according to preferred criteria sets, it can significantly impact the efficiency of the picking process.

In such cases, pickers may resort to randomly selecting items from their picklists, disregarding the intended purpose of the list. This random approach not only slows down the picking process but also introduces the potential for errors and delays.

To improve the efficiency of the picking process, it is essential to create picklists that enable pickers to navigate through bins, shelves, and racks quickly and easily. HotWax Commerce's Picking App now offers pickers the ability to sort their picklists based on preferred criteria, including Product Name, Bin ID, or Location Sequence ID. By allowing pickers to sort their picklists according to the specific inventory storage strategy of their store or fulfillment center, they can easily view and pick items in the most optimal order. This enhancement results in faster and more efficient pickups, ultimately leading to faster fulfillment.