Run Jobs Across Multiple Shopify Stores

Jobs can now be run on multiple Shopify stores associated with a single product catalog.

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HotWax Commerce uses scheduled jobs to create, update, and delete products and orders, allowing for real-time, accurate information sync with the Shopify store. With these scheduled jobs, HotWax Commerce reads information such as order item updates to ensure the desired results are achieved with ease.

When retailers sell the same products from multiple Shopify stores for their different businesses (such as B2B and B2C), HotWax Commerce has a single product catalog for multiple Shopify stores. While having a single product catalog offers its advantages, unique scheduled jobs will be required for each Shopify store. For instance, a scheduled job must be used to import all of the products from a Shopify store, and another scheduled job must be run in order to associate the same products from other Shopify stores.

HotWax Commerce now enables users to schedule different sets of jobs on multiple Shopify stores to accommodate different Shopify configurations and offer a more straightforward experience to our users.