View Complete Status for Purchase Orders

Stock teams can now track when a Purchase Order is fully received by verifying whether the Purchase Order status is “Completed” or not from the Find and Detail PO screen.

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In warehouses and mini-fulfillment centers, the stock team relies on the Inventory Receiving App to receive Purchase Orders. However, in certain instances, the received quantity of a Purchase Order may deviate from the expected total inventory. This can occur when a Purchase Order arrives in multiple shipments or due to inventory discrepancies. In such situations, stock associates need to verify whether they have received the entire quantities indicated in the Purchase Order for the specified items. Uncertainty arises when stock associates attempt to modify a Purchase Order after it has been completed, only to realize that editing is no longer possible. This lack of editability leads to confusion and delays as the stock team has to cross-verify the Purchase Order status with vendors.

To address this issue, HotWax Commerce Inventory Receiving App now displays the status of a Purchase Order as "Complete" on the Find and Detail PO screen once all the items listed in the Purchase Order have been received. By checking the "Complete" status on the Purchase Order, the stock team can conveniently track when a Purchase Order has been fully received. The "Complete" status also indicates that editing is not possible due to the Purchase Order's completed status.

This enhancement ensures that stock associates can easily identify whether a Purchase Order has been entirely received or if there are any remaining items pending. By eliminating the need for manual cross-verification with vendors, the stock team can save valuable time and accelerate the inventory receiving process. With clear visibility into the completeness of Purchase Orders, the stock team can simplify Purchase Order management, efficiently manage their inventory and maintain accurate records.