Access Detailed Purchase Order Item History

Merchandisers now have the ability to access in-depth descriptions of Purchase Order Item changes, allowing them to thoroughly audit modifications made to Purchase Order items

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In HotWax Commerce, Arrival Date and inventory count within Purchase Orders play a crucial role in determining product pre-order listings, delistings, and projected delivery dates. It is the responsibility of merchandisers to promptly synchronize any alterations to these details in the system to prevent inventory mismanagement and maintain customer satisfaction.

To modify Purchase Order Item details, merchandising teams can upload an updated CSV file in the Import App or edit details through Review Allocations Page within the HotWax Commerce Order Management System. However, in large-scale retail organizations where numerous parties have editing privileges for Purchase Order Items, discrepancies may emerge between pre-orders and promised delivery dates due to unintended changes in Purchase Orders.

To mitigate this issue, HotWax Commerce has implemented a comprehensive Purchase Order Item change history feature for merchandisers. This enhancement enables them to monitor modifications made to Purchase Order items, including the identity of the person responsible, the rationale behind the change, and the exact date and time of the adjustment. Consequently, this feature facilitates streamlined operations and accountability within the merchandising process.