Merge Multiple Orders to Reduce Shipping Cost

To ensure that packages can be grouped together and sent as one shipment, HotWax Commerce introduced an “Order Merging” feature to reduce shipping costs and increase profitability. 

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In an effort to minimize shipping costs, retailers can group multiple orders for one customer and send them as one shipment, a process known as “Order Merging.” It can be very helpful in the following scenarios:   

Scenario 1: If a customer orders a dress while online shopping, but a few hours later, they want to purchase shoes from the same retailer. 

Scenario 2: If a customer places multiple Pre-Orders and the orders are expected to arrive on the same day, the items can be merged and sent in one single shipment to the customer's address. 

Scenario 3: If a customer places a Pre-Order and a regular order at different times, but the shipping date for both is at the same time.

Previously, like in the scenarios above, if the inventory of both products were available at the same warehouse, rather than shipping all the items together, they would be shipped out in multiple orders. 

To avoid multiple shipments in the future, HotWax Commerce has introduced an “Order Merging” feature which merges orders that:

  • have the same customer ID & shipping address
  • are brokered at the same fulfillment center

In HotWax Commerce’s Order Fulfillment App, retailers will have the ability to group multiple orders for one customer address. Here are some additional benefits of using the “Order Merging” feature:

  • Retailers will save on shipping expenses, as orders will be packed in one single shipment instead of multiple shipments.
  • It helps promote sustainability as resource consumption will be reduced.
  • The tool provides a better customer experience, as shoppers won’t have to check the fulfillment status of multiple orders or be interrupted by multiple deliveries.