Re-Send Ready-for-Pickup Notification

Store associates can now promptly remind customers to pick-up their orders by re-sending the ready-for-pickup notification from the Packed Orders tab

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The store fulfillment team relies on the BOPIS Fulfillment App to efficiently manage pick, pack, and handover processes for store pick-up orders. Once the orders are packed and prepared for customers, store associates mark them as "ready for pick-up." This action triggers an automated notification to the customers, informing them that their orders are ready to be collected. However, since the notification is only sent once, customers often overlook it, resulting in delayed pick-ups, misunderstandings, and even order cancellations. Contacting customers individually to inquire about uncollected BOPIS orders is time-consuming and adds to the workload of the store team. Consequently, many customers may decide to cancel their orders.

To overcome these challenges, HotWax Commerce BOPIS Fulfillment App now offers an enhanced capability that allows store associates to send reminders to customers to pick-up their order. In case customers miss the initial "ready for pick-up" email, store associates can easily monitor pending packed BOPIS orders and promptly resend pick-up reminder emails to customers directly from the Packed Orders tab. This convenient feature keeps customers well-informed about their store pick-up order status, minimizing the chances of order cancellations.