‘Refresh’ cancelled orders to retrieve changes from Shopify

To increase real-time visibility and improve the customer experience, customer service Representatives can now refresh canceled orders in HotWax Commerce to retrieve newly added or removed items from Shopify. 

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Retailers can take as long as six months to ship pre-order products to customers. During this long waiting period, customers may change their minds and want a different product than the one they had pre-ordered. 

In this scenario, the customer service representative must cancel existing items in the order on Shopify and replace them with new products. HotWax Commerce has a pre-built rule that cancels an entire order if all the items in that order have been removed. With HotWax Commerce’s recent update, customer service representatives can now refresh cancelled orders in HotWax Commerce to retrieve newly added or removed items from Shopify order.


Why This Change is Important

Whenever an order with one item is cancelled in Shopify, HotWax Commerce automatically cancels them. Because the order items were cancelled first and then the new SKU was added, customer service representatives were unable to see these orders in the HotWax Commerce system.

To solve this, HotWax Commerce now provides a “refresh” button on the sales order page, even after the order has been canceled. With the help of this button, merchants can quickly retrieve the changes made to cancelled orders in Shopify.