Daily BOPIS Orders Report

Sample Daily BOPIS Orders report

Insider reports that 39% of consumers prefer using BOPIS when placing online orders because they get their orders faster. During their BOPIS journey, customers also expect prompt notifications from the brand on the status of their orders. 


When customers can’t come to the store to pick up their orders, store managers need a detailed report on the unpicked BOPIS orders. 


The Daily BOPIS Orders Report provides cumulative details of all the BOPIS orders of the last 30 days. This Shopify report also shows the status of these BOPIS orders if orders are picked up, canceled, or not picked up. 


With this detailed report, store managers also look for long pending BOPIS orders. These orders keep the inventory blocked which can be used to fulfill other orders. With the knowledge of pending BOPIS orders, merchants can cancel all long-pending orders and use the inventory for new orders. 


The report is essential to improve the BOPIS order fulfillment rate. Again, the fewer the unpicked orders, the better the order fill rate. Additionally, the problem diagnosis with the report helps retailers to clear the challenges in the omnichannel order fulfillment cycle.



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Daily BOPIS Orders Report