Daily Demand Tracking Report

Daily Demand Tracking Report

Every day, retail businesses receive a high demand for orders. But out of all the orders received, not all orders are fulfilled on the same day because:

  • Some orders are pre-orders that will be fulfilled later.
  • Some orders remain unfulfilled due to inventory errors.
  • Some orders are brokered at a facility, but the fulfillment team did not begin the fulfillment process.
  • Some orders also get canceled by the customers. 

As a result, the total daily demand metric does not give a comprehensive view of earned revenue. 

The Demand Tracking report breaks down demand based on status and fulfillment factors, such as unfillable units, brokered units, canceled units, and more. Retailers can use this report to track what percent of revenue is distributed in all order processing activities and gives a comprehensive view of earned and unearned revenue. This will in turn work to improve and maximize earned revenue in the long term.



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Daily Demand Tracking