Daily Store Shipment Performance Report

Sample Daily Store Shipment Performance report

Merchants measure their stores’ omnichannel order fulfillment rates and want a clear, accurate view of their daily shipping performance. Therefore, merchants seek a detailed storewide report that displays every store’s daily shipping performance.


The Daily Store Shipment Performance Report shows the number of daily shipped orders for each store, giving an overview of the store’s daily performance. 


This performance report also yields valuable insight into the most active and least active stores within a set timeframe. With this data, retailers can work with underperforming stores to understand the reason for low activity, identify the cause of under performance, and resolve the issue.


Similarly, the retailer wants to see product-level shipping performance. The report also includes product-level performance. This information helps retailers understand a newly launched product's performance in a given area or region. Retailers can plan their inventory accordingly after knowing which products perform best at a given store.



Head of Stores, Vice President of Retail



Daily Store Shipment Performance Report