Daily Warehouse Fulfillment Report

Sample Daily Warehouse Fulfillment report

In the era of eCommerce growth, retail warehousing has become increasingly crucial to modern businesses. A fully functional warehouse gives the best output because of its low inventory carrying cost. As a result, the warehouse is responsible for fulfilling the majority of orders placed. 


As warehouse operations are incredibly massive, there is always a possibility that some brokered orders can get misplaced or left unattended during the process. For merchants, evaluating warehouse performance and order fulfillment rates becomes crucial to success.


The Daily Warehouse Fulfillment Report provides all the orders brokered at the warehouse but not fulfilled yet. The report shows all the daily shipped and pending orders at a warehouse. 


After identifying all the pending orders within this report, retailers can work to clear the backlog. Ultimately, this report helps to analyze the warehouse's fill rate. And in the case of multiple warehouses, it helps to compare their performance and give retailers actionable insights to improve their omnichannel order fulfillment strategy.



Vice President of Retail, Warehouse Fulfillment team



Daily Warehouse Fulfillment Report