Store Dashboard

Sample Store Dashboard

Omnichannel retailers use stores as their order fulfillment locations. Fulfillment centers help merchants meet customer expectations of faster delivery. Merchants often operate multiple stores in various locations within their operational area so they need a reliable way to measure their fulfillment performance.


Many reasons contribute to stores delaying and rejecting orders, including low operational strength and inventory shortages. Customer order cancellations are also common. Tracking store fulfillment performance enables retailers to identify and resolve these order fulfillment issues.


Likewise, merchants prefer to keep a company-wide order fulfillment goal for daily processed, shipped, rejected, and canceled orders. Any facility performing below the set goal raises a concern for merchants and puts their focus on improving performance of these facilities. 


The Store Dashboard shows the storewide data where the orders were brokered, rejected, canceled, and then fulfilled in a day. 


The report shows the percentage of shipped, processed, and canceled orders of the stores. Retailers can compare the actual fulfillment performance against the set goal to assess performance of each store.



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Store Dashboard