Get Answered Your Most Burning Questions About Store Fulfillment With Fred Schofield

March 7, 2022



This episode’s special guest, Fred Schofield, discusses the importance of aligning your eCommerce and in-store operations to create successful BOPIS and Ship From Store omnichannel initiatives.

  • How can retailers incentivize store associates to champion their greater omnichannel strategy? Should brands attribute online sales to local stores? How should retailers measure KPIs for stores that assist with eCommerce sales? How quickly should stores be expected to have a BOPIS order ready for customers?
  • We dive into these questions and many more with this episode’s special guest, retail store expert Fred Schofield. Speaking from decades of experience working in retail, Fred discusses the importance of aligning your eCommerce initiatives with brick-and-mortar store operations and provides expert tips on how brands can create successful omnichannel retail initiatives.

Conversation Rundown

[ 2:24 - 3:54 ] The perfect omnichannel experience
Fred Schofield shared an important perspective on how he would describe the perfect omnichannel experience. The key is understanding that your customer base online is the same customer base that you see in the store. Too many stores make the mistake of thinking that their online shoppers are new, foreign customers when, in reality, it's the same familiar customer base who is looking for more convenience. Whether shoppers buy online or in-store, they must be treated with the same level of care and support.

[ 5:38 - 9:19 ] Attribution of online sales to stores
Should we attribute online sales to local stores? How should we measure the KPIs for stores that assist with online sales? Eliminating friction between online and in-store operations is no small feat, but aligning both types of sales through modern KPIs and attribution models is key to achieving a successful omnichannel retail initiative. In conversation with Fred Schofield, we discuss the parallels between what we see today and when online kiosks were first introduced in stores, and what we can learn.

[ 10:24 - 12:36 ] Should stores be credited when orders are fulfilled from the warehouse?
This is a common question that we hear from many retailers as they establish their omnichannel retail initiatives. As omnichannel capabilities like BOPIS and ship-from-store become more commonplace, and part of shoppers' regular routines, brands must modernize their attribution models in a way that makes sense to them. One straightforward solution is to use postal codes to attribute online sales to local stores. Importantly, these stores are also responsible for handling the returns of those orders.

[ 16:10 - 23:43 ] Digital transformation in stores
Fred Schofield, provided some fantastic advice as to how retail brands and store associates can effectively navigate digital transformation within stores. For example, he discussed the importance of convincing your team that your online customers are, in effect, the same as your in-store customers. In his extensive retail experience, he has always found that when BOPIS is busy, the store is busy. Thus, brands need to have an explicit plan in place to manage busy seasons, with some store associates specifically designated to handle BOPIS orders. Fred shared his thoughts on how the decrease in barriers to entry and rise in consumer knowledge have transformed the retail landscape.

[ 25:13 - 29:17 ] BOPIS order fulfillment
How quickly should stores be expected to have a BOPIS order ready for customers? Fred Schofield, shared his thoughts on what the expected turnaround time should be for BOPIS orders in 2022. While it can vary significantly, the key is to understand your business and your store flow. Always try to underpromise & overdeliver on your BOPIS orders. Aiming to have most BOPIS ordered filled within a window of 3-4 hours is a good goal to have in mind.It allows shoppers to pick morning orders up in the afternoon, and afternoon orders up in the evening. We also discuss offering a premium service in which customers can pay more for a quicker turnaround time, and how to use software to achieve competitive fulfillment times.

[ 31:34 - 37:38 ] Top 3 pieces of advice for retailers implementing BOPIS
Stores play in a successful omnichannel retail strategy. We asked Fred what his top 3 pieces of advice would be for retailers implementing BOPIS, and he had some fantastic insight. Most importantly, he stresses the importance of understanding your customer and that the people benefitting from BOPIS are your existing, loyal, familiar customers.

Meet the Experts

Fred has 25+ years of diverse retail experience, including 10+ years as a district and general manager at Best Buy, Michaels, Lowe's, Staples, and Barbecue World.
He has substantial experience in all aspects of retail leadership, including sales, customer experience, client development, and store operations, which include store fulfillment, inventory control, merchandising, and loss prevention.

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