Release Notes: February 2024

 Published: March 1, 2024

Order Management System

PU1- Set Brokering Threshold

Avoid Splitting for Low-value Items Using Thresholds

When splitting orders, retailers can now set a threshold value while brokering to prevent low-value items from being sent to a single fulfillment location.

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Performance improvements in large data imports

Performance Improvements While Importing Large Data Files

HotWax Commerce now imports inventory reset files sequentially from the SFTP location, resulting in better CPU utilization, stability, and performance.


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Enhanced Return Management

Merchandisers now have the enhanced capability to search for returns by Shopify return ID, order ID, and Order Name. This significantly improves their ability to manage returns efficiently on the Sales Return page.

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Search products through Multiple Identifiers

Store associates can now search products through multiple identifiers such as SKU, UPC, productName, internalName, and ProductID to easily find the products.

RN1- Search products Through multiple Identifiers
RN1- Search products Through multiple Identifiers


View Tracking Codes on the Shipment Page

Store managers will now be able to view tracking codes on the shipments page to quickly find and verify which shipment to receive against.

RN2- View Tracking Codes on the Shipment Page
RN2- View Tracking Codes on the Shipment Page

Inventory Count

New Graphics for Empty Screens

Store Managers will now see a feedback message when there are no orders to be exported in the facility, allowing easy identification for the users.

RN3- New Graphics for Empty Screens
RN3- New Graphics for Empty Screens


View Item Count

Catalog Managers will now see the complete item count on the inventory review page, enhancing user experience and easy quantity identification

RN4- View Item Count
RN4- View Item Count


Add Phone Number

Retailers can now add or update the primary phone number for their facilities directly from the Facility Details page. This helps eliminate errors in shipping label generation where phone numbers are required.

RN5- Add Phone Number
RN5- Add Phone Number