Added Support for FedEx REST APIs

HotWax Commerce now supports FedEx REST APIs for improved FedEx Integration.

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Traditionally, integrating with FedEx's services via Web Services or SOAP protocol posed challenges for developers. The SOAP protocol, while functional, could be cumbersome and less efficient, hindering the seamless flow of data and transactions between systems. This often resulted in slower performance, increased bandwidth usage, and complex version management.

With HotWax Commerce's support for FedEx REST APIs, developers now have access to a more streamlined integration process. REST, coupled with JSON, provides a simpler, more intuitive interface for communication between systems. This not only enhances developer productivity but also improves the overall efficiency of the integration.


  • Simplified Development: REST APIs are inherently easier to work with, offering a more straightforward approach to integrating FedEx services.

  • Improved Performance: The REST protocol is known for its speed and efficiency, consuming less bandwidth compared to SOAP. This results in faster data transfer and improved system responsiveness.

  • Scalability and Reliability: By design, REST is stateless, allowing for better scalability and reliability. Applications can be deployed across multiple servers without dependencies, enhancing system performance.

  • Enhanced Versioning Management: FedEx APIs streamline versioning management, making it easier for customers to upgrade to newer versions seamlessly. Unlike SOAP-based WSDLs, which often require major version updates, REST APIs offer a more flexible approach to version control.

  • Enhanced Security: The integration of OAuth token-based authentication with FedEx REST APIs ensures improved security, safeguarding sensitive data and transactions.