Bundle Product

Store associates can now easily distinguish bundle products and identify the constituent items that make up each bundle.

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Shopify utilizes unique product codes for bundles and their components. While orders are captured for the bundle, fulfilling the components separately poses a challenge. Communicating which products belong together as a bundle, along with specifying varying quantities for each component, is crucial for precise order fulfillment. This complexity demands explicit instructions to the fulfillment team to ensure the right items are picked, packed and shipped together as intended within the bundle.

HotWax Commerce has addressed this challenge with a robust solution. We've implemented a system that intelligently recognizes bundle products within orders, ensuring store associates can precisely identify the constituent items that make up each bundle. This recognition is fundamental to streamlining the order fulfillment process.

Benefits of Bundle identification for Store Associates:

Efficient Order Fulfillment: Clear instructions and packaging guidelines provided for each bundle significantly streamline the picking, packing, and shipping process, optimizing overall efficiency.

Accurate Product Recognition: The updated system enables store associates to easily identify all bundle products in one component, complete with their identifiers, minimizing the chances of fulfillment errors.

No Partial Rejection: With the new feature, store associates won't have the option to reject a single product within a bundle, eliminating potential discrepancies and ensuring that bundled items are processed as a cohesive unit.

HotWax Commerce's latest update streamlines the fulfillment of orders with Bundle products, enhancing the customer experience and operational efficiency for store associates.