Configure BOPIS Rejection Email

Retailers can now configure fulfillment options for rejected BOPIS orders in email notifications, providing flexibility in handling these cases. 

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Store associates occasionally encounter discrepancies in inventory when attempting to fulfill Store Pick-Up orders. This may result in the associate declining the pick-up request, potentially leading to lost sales. To salvage these transactions, retailers can proactively reach out to customers via email to present alternative fulfillment solutions. These solutions may include delivering the ordered item to the customer's home, offering pick-up from an alternate store location, or providing the option to cancel the order. However, it is crucial to recognize that each retailer has specific business preferences. Therefore, they require the flexibility to customize which options are made available to customers in their Buy Online, Pick-Up In Store (BOPIS) rejection emails.

For example, some retailers might prefer not to present customers with the immediate option to cancel an order. Instead, they could choose to solely provide alternatives like picking up from a different store location or having the items delivered to the customer's home. Moreover, if retailers opt to offer home delivery when store pickup falls through, this update provides the option to select specific shipping methods. This way, retailers can safeguard against potential surges in shipping fees from carriers.

Similarly, some retailers prefer to offer only in-store pickup instead of shipping to the customer's home because they didn't collect any shipping fee during the BOPIS order placement. Shipping would either require charging customers for shipping or incurring shipping charges, which is not desirable. To avoid this, retailers may opt for in-store pickup only or order cancellations.

In the latest release of the HotWax Commerce BOPIS App, retailers can fully customize rejection emails for pickup orders. These emails can offer alternative fulfillment options when stores are unable to fulfill a pickup order.