Configure Shopify BOPIS/Pre-order Scripts

Users can now configure Shopify BOPIS/Pre-order scripts directly from the Shopify Shop page in HotWax Commerce, enabling PDP changes on Shopify.

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Retailers seeking to offer Buy Online, Pick Up In Store (BOPIS), or pre-order solutions on their Shopify stores used to install custom apps, like the BOPIS PDP app or pre-order PDP app, to implement changes on Shopify and to show Pre-Order or Pick Up Today Button. This extra step added complexity and required additional management of multiple apps.

HotWax Commerce is simplifying the process with our recently introduced HotWax Commerce Integration App on the Shopify App Store. We've integrated support in the app for modifying the Product Display Page (PDP) directly on  Shopify. This means that retailers who install the HotWax Commerce Integration App gain access to PDP customization functionality as a default feature.

Once the HotWax Commerce Integration App is installed, retailers can seamlessly customize their Shopify PDP to suit their BOPIS, pre-order, or both scenarios. By installing the default JavaScript (JS) and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) scripts from the Shopify Shop page into HotWax Commerce, retailers can effortlessly start offering omnichannel features to their customers. Easy access to the script files means retailers can select exactly which aspects to change, whether it's adding an animation to the pre-order button, changing the text on the BOPIS option, or other customized elements.

To make adjustments, simply download the required JS or CSS file from Shopify Shop page, apply the desired changes, and upload it back into HotWax Commerce. This ensures seamless integration and reflects the modifications on the Shopify storefront instantly.