Customize Rejection Reasons

Retailers can now customize the rejection reasons they provide to store managers and decide how these reasons will affect their store's ATP (Available to Promise) inventory.

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Retail stores often encounter scenarios where they are unable to fulfill customer orders due to reasons such as items being out of stock, goods being damaged, or other external factors. In response to these situations, HotWax Commerce offers store associates the capability to select from a range of default rejection reasons when rejecting orders. Each rejection reason selected by the store associate has a direct impact on the store's Available to Promise (ATP) for that particular product, altering its availability accordingly within the system.

While HotWax Commerce traditionally provided a set of predefined rejection reasons, each linked to specific inventory impacts, this approach may not fully accommodate the diverse workflows and preferences of different retailers. For example, some may prefer to display "No Variance" as a reason when a store is unable to fulfill an order due to external factors, while others may want specific reasons for each rejection scenario. This diversity underscored the need for a more flexible approach to rejection management, enabling retailers to tailor the system to their specific operational needs.

To address this challenge, HotWax Commerce has introduced the Rejection Reason Management feature. This solution empowers retailers with the ability to customize rejection reasons and their corresponding inventory impacts according to their specific requirements.

By providing a flexible framework within the Fulfillment App, retailers can now tailor rejection reasons to accurately reflect the diverse scenarios encountered in their operations. Whether it's adding new rejection reasons, editing existing ones, or adjusting inventory impacts, retailers have full control over how store rejections are managed within the system.