Configure User Permissions

Added a Permissions Tab for retailers to manage security groups and configure permissions for HotWax Users.

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HotWax Commerce has advanced security permissions for all Enterprise User Apps. User access is tailored based on employees' roles and designations, allowing for customized permission parameters. This ensures that some users can execute actions while others are granted view-only access to certain or all information within an app's interface.

Previously, HotWax Commerce provided predefined user roles such as catalog manager, merchandising manager, permission manager, store manager, admin, and super user. However, we recognized that these roles often interchange, and every retailer has specific roles within their organization that require unique permissions.

With our latest update, HotWax Commerce introduces the ability to configure user permissions. While users can be still assigned to default security groups, administrators now have the flexibility to alter permissions for each group according to specific requirements. Additionally, the platform allows for the creation of new security groups with tailored permissions, providing unprecedented flexibility in user access management.